The Kolkata based media house ABP Group just started using DC’s Digital Asset Management system DC-X Content Hub. The Indian publisher who has been working with the previous product generations DC4 and DC5 for many years decided to switch to the latest version in order to benefit from modern features such as the E-mail Importer and the DC-X Uploader.

The E-Mail importer automatically imports e-mails that have been sent to a specific inbox together with their attachments. The DC-X Uploader enables users to enrich documents with metadata while uploading them. It also comes with a drag & drop function.

ABP deploys DC software to archive pages from three publications: The daily newspapers Anandabazar Patrika and Ebela, written in Bengali, as well as the English-language The Telegraph. Furthermore, articles and agency pictures are stored in the DAM system. All these documents, starting with material from 1922, have now been migrated from DC5 to DC-X. Go-Live took place on March 13.

Illustration: www.abp.in