It’s actually not that easy to write an article about a colleague who always shows modest restraint, prefers working from home and hardly ever participates in corporate events*. One day, he only said “Hi” and “Bye-bye” to the person he’s sharing the office with. During the hours in between, he looked at his screen in silence with his headphones plugged.

Just a classical nerd? I don’t think so! When you talk to DC employees who have been working with Tim Strehle over the last 18,5 years, many more facets come to light and the emerging picture is the one of a highly competent and hard-working, creative, helpful, honest and warm-hearted colleague. A family man with a lot of passion for his job who has been giving important impetus to DC’s development for nearly two decades.

“As far as I’m concerned, if there’s one person made of flesh, bones and spirit within the DC team, it’s always been Tim”, said a colleague of many years’ standing. “He always played in the Champions League, both technically and humanely speaking.” Another one added: “He’s been leading our way in many areas. He does things as he thinks them best and that’s how it should be. Sometimes, when you think there is no way to solve a certain problem, here he comes showing you yet another solution.” A few weeks ago, when Tim announced to the team that he would leave the company this summer, we all immediately knew: That’s a big loss for us.

On February 1st, 1999, the former hobby programmer with a degree in information management started working as a developer at DC. He participated in the development of three product generations, took care of customer projects in Germany and on the other side of the world, created a light version for DC4 and later the Simple UI for DC-X. For the last months, he has mainly been working on the new User Interface DCC.

Tim Strehle in his early “DC years”

Tim Strehle will take care of it

The customers whose projects Tim was in charge of appreciate his commitment. “Whenever there was a muddled workflow or a tricky change in our production schemes that our miracle solution DC couldn’t cope with anymore, all hopes rested on Tim Strehle, every day” said Christian Wagner, Managing Editor at WESER-KURIER Media Group. “He knows it, he will fix it. However, every day might be the wrong expression as before the birth of his third son, Tim Strehle had his most brilliant ideas sometime between 1 and 2 a.m. That’s why every morning at the Bremer Tageszeitungen editorial department was a little bit like Christmas for Dirk Fischer and myself.”

Even in the fast-moving IT environment, Tim stuck to his quality claim and often had to swim against the current. “He was a tough opponent in a lot of debates, but his knowledge and his curiosity were always very enriching and he will be sadly missed by us all”, said DC’s Head of Development.

Computer specialists with a talent for words and a penchant for written communication beyond code lines are rare. Tim is one of them as you can easily recognize when looking at the many channels he regularly feeds with information and reflections about Digital Asset Management: Tim’s Webloghis collection of DAM articleshis Twitter account.

For many years, Tim’s fingers flew over the keyboard journalizing our regular team meetings. Occasionally, those who were lucky could also admire his dexterity during a little guitar session in the meeting break. One of our team members regrets that the two of them never played music together – maybe they can still catch up on that.

So schön können Besprechungspausen sein! #guitarsession #office #meeting #break @tistre

Ein von @digital_collections geteilter Beitrag am

Tim leaves us on July 18th. After a well deserved holiday, he will start his new job as ‘Project manager Digital Asset Management” at the Spiegel on August 1st. We wish him all the best for the new challenge and, hoping that he will soon equip his new employer with a DC system, we grant him a lifelong writing access to our DC-X SVN 😉

Tim with collleagues and CEO Ole Olsen at the DC customer days 2017.

* At least since I started working for DC, that’s to say for the last three years 🙂 Back to ↑

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