Mirjam Kretschmer
young men consuming content

The guiding principle “content is king, but engagement is queen” is likely to gain further importance in 2020. In the future, editors will not only have to produce engaging  content, they will need to work with data experts to ensure they’re targeting the right groups. They must connect with their audience and direct personalized content […]

Mirjam Kretschmer
Ifra DCX Expo

“Date Influenced Publishing” was the theme with which we were present at this year’s IFRA & DCX Expo. This means that content is displayed to specific people based on specific data – be it demographics, interests or emotional targeting. In order to create and optimize content for this purpose, the appropriate assets must be available […]

Mirjam Kretschmer
Foto Ankündigung EN

An engaging pre-purchase experience makes your customers more likely to buy your products. Videos, interactive product descriptions, and other kinds of rich product content can increase your online conversion rate by 25%. Sign up Join our webinar and learn more about: How rich digital product content can drive conversion and lift your online sales. How […]

Nina Drewes

It’s actually not that easy to write an article about a colleague who always shows modest restraint, prefers working from home and hardly ever participates in corporate events*. One day, he only said “Hi” and “Bye-bye” to the person he’s sharing the office with. During the hours in between, he looked at his screen in […]

Nina Drewes

Every year at “Girls’Day”, German schoolgirls get the chance to try out professions normally practiced by boys, or rather men. The IT sector is a good example, as DC’s staff structure clearly illustrates: Only two out of our 19 employees are women and none of them works in the Development or Support department. That didn’t […]

Tim Strehle

In April this year, we kicked off our DC Lab and set out to plan and build a new DC-X user interface, and to learn a lot on the way. Ole Olsen, Pascal Rohde, Carsten Schütte, an external designer and I worked on the visual design together. After a few months, we had beautiful design drafts of […]

Tim Strehle

In our “DC Lab”, we’re working on a new user interface for our DC-X Digital Asset Management system. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the first prototype built in October 2016. No release date yet, and everything subject to change 🙂

Ole Olsen

Digitale Publikationen verlegen: Das wollten Dennis, Thies und ich, die Gründer von DC, machen. Im Jahr 2016 ist das sicher nichts Aufregendes. Der Handelsregistereintrag mit diesem Firmenzweck stammt aber von 1991. Sowohl unsere Eltern als auch der Mann von der Handelskammer und Herr V. von unserer Hausbank verstanden nur Bahnhof –  bis DC 1993 das […]