At the beginning of January 2015, the Thai newspaper publishing company, Daily News Media, went live with ppi Media and Digital Collections’ Content-X. The media house is using the editorial solution to bring its new free newspaper, new)108, to its readers in Bangkok. This 16-page newspaper contains articles on News, Entertainment, Sports, Living and TV. new)108 is published daily from Monday to Friday in Thai and highlights the content of Daily News Media’s new)TV, a digital terrestrial TV station on the air since July 2014.

“Our editorial work is running smoothly thanks to Content-X. Our team has quickly picked up on the many advantages of this editorial solution and has profited every day thanks to the assistance of ppi Media. ppi Media accompanied us every step of the way when we introduced the system,” says Orapin Hetrakul, Operation Director at new)108 Newspaper. After only a few workshops, the editors learned how to fully take advantage of Content-X. new)108 employs about 15 colleagues in IT, Design, the Editorial Department as well as in Advertising and Organization. Articles and photos that have been selected by the editorial board using the digital asset management tool, DC-X, are simply dragged and dropped into the layout tool, InDesign, where they can be processed further.

A daily circulation of 400,000

When it first hit the newsstands in December 2014, this tabloid newspaper was a 12-page publication. Soon thereafter, Daily News Media decided to expand the freebie to 16 pages with a circulation of 400,000. Joe Klangsombut, the Daily News Media’s Editor in Chief, explains the symbolism of the name: „The symbol ‘)’ in our title represents the shape of the earth or its sphere. By watching new)tv, one can gain knowledge about our earth and ourselves. When we decided to have our own publication, ‘new)’ has to be part of the name. In Thai, we have a phrase ‘108 and 1009’ meaning a lot of things, stories. If I say ‘I have 108 things and 1009 issues to solve’, it means I’m busy and have a lot on my plate.” The new)108 team is independent of Daily News Media’s editorial board and was founded for the sole purpose of publishing new)108.