For this release, we have redesigned our user interface in many places, simplifying its use and giving it a more modern feel. This applies particularly to the central search area, which we have also made some functional changes to. Frequently used functions, such as the “advanced search” and “filter” functions, are now clearly and consistently arranged in an expandable menu below the search bar.

It is now also possible to perform certain automatic functions on collections, such as deleting a collection on a specified date, or emptying it at night.

Any changes to the text in the story editor are now automatically temporarily saved by the browser. If the browser crashes while a story is being edited, a message about the unsaved changes will automatically appear upon re-opening the story after the crash.

Inline elements representing certain media objects in the text for digital output channels have been visually and functionally revised. The system currently supports individual images, image galleries and texts based on DC-X documents, as well as links to Twitter and YouTube.

A detailed documentation of the new features can be found on our Wiki page.