Starting with 1.35.0, it is possible to create metadata templates for upload forms. Thanks to this feature, DC-X can memorize the values you entered when uploading documents so you don’t have to enter them again the next time you want to upload similar documents. Example: A photo editor wants to collect pictures showing Christmas tree decoration over a time span of several days or weeks. He selects files and enters the following metadata into the upload form:

  • Creator: Photo editor XY
  • Title: Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Keywords: Christmas, Tree, Decoration
  • Body: Photo series about beautiful Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Add to collection: Christmas 2016

Then, he hits the button “Save as new template” and enters a name for the new template. The next time he wants to upload pictures to the same collection and/or topic, he just loads the template and, if he wants to, changes or adds particular values.

And this is what it looks like:

Another new feature of version 1.35 is the Collection trashcan. When users invoke the “Delete collection” action, the collection is not immediately deleted anymore, but moved into a trashcan which is invisible to the regular user. Users can restore their deleted collections using the new “Restore deleted collection” action. Administrators can restore any users’ deleted collections using the new “Deleted collections” admin page. Collections are purged from the Collection trashcan after 7 days.