Our DAM system is unbeatable when it comes to organise all kinds of different file types. But when they want to edit pictures and video data, everyone likes to use the software that’s best fit for it and that they are most familiar with. So until now, you had to download a picture from DC-X, open it with Photoshop, edit it, save it to your harddrive and then upload it again to DC-X under a different name.

Thanks to the new function “Local editing”, this complicated click path is now much shorter. The new feature forges the link between the browser based DC-X and locally installed applications for text, picture and video editing. Just choose a DC-X document and click on “Edit locally”. Depending on the chosen file type and the configuration, the document is automatically opened with Photoshop, Word, QuickTime or another application. After editing, juste save your changes and they will be written back to DC-X.

A dialog box (see screenshot) allows you to keep an overview of all documents currently opened in local applications and their editing status.

Check out our wiki for more information about the latest DC-X releases.