Upload Requests and a new folder system enhance the workflow in the latest version of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X.

An editor who is on the hunt for a particular picture doesn’t even need to pick up his phone anymore. He simply creates an Upload Request in the DC-X Content Hub in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Create Request


The editor creates an Upload Request for pictures and documents. He assigns a title, describes what exactly he is looking for and specifies a deadline.

Step 2: Send link


He sends the Request link via e-mail to internal and external coworkers.

Step 3: Upload

The recipients click on link and upload their pictures – they don’t need a DC-X account to do this.

CollectionsA new structure for Collections

The second change of 1.24 concerns the Collections function. User Tags are being replaced by a hierarchical folder structure allowing the user to organize text documents, pictures and other digital assets just like in a file system. Users can create collections and subordinate collections, add files via drag-and-drop, and assign color labels for an even better overview.