The Oklahoman, a daily newspaper published by the Oklahoman Media Company, has implemented a new editorial system: it has decided to replace its present editorial system with Content-X, a joint solution from ppi Media and Digital Collections. The daily newspaper has been produced with Content-X since June.

With a circulation of 146,000 copies a day, The Oklahoman is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Oklahoma. From now on, it will be produced with Content-X. The Oklahoman Media Company decided to switch to the editorial solution developed by ppi Media and Digital Collections. Just a few days after the contract was signed, Content-X experts from both ppi Media and Digital collections met to draw up the necessary system specifications with the project managers and users at The Oklahoman. To the delight of everyone involved, the spec was completed and the editorial system was installed and configured in record time. “In that first week we identified and blueprinted workflows and went on to configure a large part of the CMS. We had AP wire and photos flowing in and could produce stories and design whole pages … which we imaged all the way to plate.” said Jay Spear, Director of Emerging Technology at The Oklahoman Media Company.

Designing a layout in a flash

Content-X stands out not only as a comparatively low-cost editorial solution, but is also particularly user-friendly and multifunctional. Content-X combines the functions from the Digital Asset Management system DC-X, into which the editors at The Oklahoman enter texts and photos, with the layout functions from Adobe’s InDesign and the InDesign Server. InDesign is used to design the graphic layout of the daily newspaper. It is highly integrated, allowing layout editors to track the progress of their editorial work in real time. So, Content-X lets editors and layout artists work on the article simultaneously. This has been made possible using plugins developed by ppi Media. “Content-X enables us to work efficiently. Because it is linked to InDesign, we can work with layout templates, and powerful automation through InDesign saving time and costs,” says Jay Spear, explaining the benefits of Content-X.

After installing the remaining modules, templates and systems and following successful trainer and admin training, the daily newspaper went live with Content-X in June 2015. The Oklahoman has been a customer of ppi’s since 2005 and uses the software solutions PlanPag, AdPag, ProPag, AdMan and the output management system OM.

Text: ppi Media, August 31, 2015