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31Mar 2017

Our DAM system is unbeatable when it comes to organise all kinds of different file types. But when they want to edit pictures and video data, everyone likes to use the software that’s best fit for it and that they are most familiar with. So until now, you had to download a picture from DC-X, […]

21Mar 2017

…Usability, mobile Devices and APIs! These are the top 3 trending topics our team should focus on in the future, according to a vote taken by the participants of the DC customer days held in Hamburg on March 1 and 2. At the end of Tim Strehle’s presentation about Digital Asset Management trends 2017, 19 […]

09Mar 2017

Leading Danish newspaper publisher JP/Politikens Hus has opted for DC-X as their DAM system in order to manage photos and graphics that are currently used in print and digital, play them out to the production channels and archive them. This will involve migrating 14 million assets from the existing solution. From the moment it goes […]

27Jan 2017

The Printers (Mysore) Private Ltd. is one of the leading media companies headquartered in Bangalore in the Indian State of Karnataka, and publishes one of India’s top ten English-language newspapers, the Deccan Herald. The company also publishes the daily newspaper Prajavani in Kannada, a language that is spoken by around 40 million people in India. In […]

Tim Strehle

In April this year, we kicked off our DC Lab and set out to plan and build a new DC-X user interface, and to learn a lot on the way. Ole Olsen, Pascal Rohde, Carsten Schütte, an external designer and I worked on the visual design together. After a few months, we had beautiful design drafts of […]

20Dec 2016

Starting with 1.35.0, it is possible to create metadata templates for upload forms. Thanks to this feature, DC-X can memorize the values you entered when uploading documents so you don’t have to enter them again the next time you want to upload similar documents. Example: A photo editor wants to collect pictures showing Christmas tree […]

Tim Strehle

In our “DC Lab”, we’re working on a new user interface for our DC-X Digital Asset Management system. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the first prototype built in October 2016. No release date yet, and everything subject to change 🙂

Ole Olsen

Digitale Publikationen verlegen: Das wollten Dennis, Thies und ich, die Gründer von DC, machen. Im Jahr 2016 ist das sicher nichts Aufregendes. Der Handelsregistereintrag mit diesem Firmenzweck stammt aber von 1991. Sowohl unsere Eltern als auch der Mann von der Handelskammer und Herr V. von unserer Hausbank verstanden nur Bahnhof –  bis DC 1993 das […]