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Mirjam Kretschmer
young men consuming content

The guiding principle “content is king, but engagement is queen” is likely to gain further importance in 2020. In the future, editors will not only have to produce engaging  content, they will need to work with data experts to ensure they’re targeting the right groups. They must connect with their audience and direct personalized content […]

Mirjam Kretschmer
Ifra DCX Expo

“Date Influenced Publishing” was the theme with which we were present at this year’s IFRA & DCX Expo. This means that content is displayed to specific people based on specific data – be it demographics, interests or emotional targeting. In order to create and optimize content for this purpose, the appropriate assets must be available […]

30Sep 2019

Jagran Prakashan Limited, publisher of the largest read daily in India “Dainik Jagran” will organise his digital content with the Digital Asset Management system DC-X from Digital Collections (DC). September 2019. As of 2016, Jagran Prakashan Limited has been using the planning and production solution PlanPag from ppi Media, a partner of DC. The software […]

Mirjam Kretschmer
Foto Ankündigung EN

An engaging pre-purchase experience makes your customers more likely to buy your products. Videos, interactive product descriptions, and other kinds of rich product content can increase your online conversion rate by 25%. Sign up Join our webinar and learn more about: How rich digital product content can drive conversion and lift your online sales. How […]

24Jul 2019
cci dc

Digital Collections (DC) has become part of the CCI Europe family in April 2019. The software company from Denmark has acquired full ownership of DC. It is best known for its multichannel publishing platform CUE, which it has developed together with its subsidiary company Escenic. The DC-X digital asset management (DAM) system from DC now […]

04Sep 2018

The latest release of our Digital Asset Management System focuses on the DC Story Editor. DC-X 2.3.0 comes with a spread preview for newspaper pages, placeholders for Image Containers with shared captions as well as a drag & drop function for stories. The DC-X Story Editor, in combination with DC’s and ppi Media’s Content-X editorial […]

20Aug 2018

In the future, the ad department at the Nürnberger Presse publishing house will produce all of its advertising inserts, advertorial pages and supplements with the editorial system Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections. The Nürnberger Presse publishing house now produces content such as advertorial pages much more efficient than with their previous workflow thanks […]

05Jul 2018

Crazy Lazy Summer – With this slogan and a refreshingly colorful design, the internationally operating distributor and retailer Gebr. Heinemann is creating holiday and pool party feelings in its duty free shops and on the Internet in summer 2018. Since the end of June, the company is creating all advertising and communication material for such campaigns […]