Product news

04Sep 2018

The latest release of our Digital Asset Management System focuses on the DC Story Editor. DC-X 2.3.0 comes with a spread preview for newspaper pages, placeholders for Image Containers with shared captions as well as a drag & drop function for stories. The DC-X Story Editor, in combination with DC’s and ppi Media’s Content-X editorial […]

28Jun 2017

Somehow, DAM systems are like dogs: Their age is calculated differently than the one of human beings. And that’s why, eight years after being born, our Digital Asset Management software DC-X turns…two! With this release, we are introducing a new versioning scheme so that our customers, partners and project managers get a quicker overview. Significant […]

31Mar 2017

Our DAM system is unbeatable when it comes to organise all kinds of different file types. But when they want to edit pictures and video data, everyone likes to use the software that’s best fit for it and that they are most familiar with. So until now, you had to download a picture from DC-X, […]

20Dec 2016

Starting with 1.35.0, it is possible to create metadata templates for upload forms. Thanks to this feature, DC-X can memorize the values you entered when uploading documents so you don’t have to enter them again the next time you want to upload similar documents. Example: A photo editor wants to collect pictures showing Christmas tree […]

21Sep 2016

The Australian media company Fairfax Media (publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, etc.) has moved to the cloud, taking its whole DC-X environment with it. This long-time customer of DC is now using Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a hosting environment: the same environment we have been using since late last year […]

30Aug 2016

For this release, we have redesigned our user interface in many places, simplifying its use and giving it a more modern feel. This applies particularly to the central search area, which we have also made some functional changes to. Frequently used functions, such as the “advanced search” and “filter” functions, are now clearly and consistently […]

18May 2016
2016-05-19 DC-X-1.33

In addition to the import speed, we also improved the system’s stability in case of a bad internet connection – good news especially for those who like to work on mobile devices. Auto Recovery in the browser: Changes made during story editing that can’t be manually saved due to technical problems like a dying battery […]

10May 2016

10,000 pictures in 300 seconds – this is the new DC-X performance record in terms of importation speed. We have tested five servers at a customers site, each of them having to work off 2,000 pictures. The fastest server had finished its task after 3:28 minutes, the slowest after 4:44 minutes. When importing documents into […]

11Dec 2015

Online editors have been waiting for this feature for some time: Starting with DC-X version 1.31, elements suchs as pictures, videos and tweets can be directly integrated into an article’s body text. There is a new menu item in the Story Editor allowing you to add internal documents and/or external links and to determine parameters […]

27Aug 2015

The most important change introduced by Release 1.29 of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X concerns the Galleries. This new feature allows the online pubilcation of a series of pictures with different captions. As opposed to ImageGroups that facilitate the selection of one picture for a story, galleries are explicitly designed to publish several pictures […]

27Jul 2015
2015-08-04 Fcb und Whatsapp_Homepage

Print, Online, Mobile, Social Media: the diversity of publishing channels is growing every day and communication methods are subject to rapid changes. That’s why we consider media-neutral content production to be so important. And that’s why Digital Collections keeps developing interfaces for our Digital Asset Management System DC-X. With Release 1.28, we launched our Facebook […]

27May 2015

No one can better evaluate a product than those who use it every day. If you use DC-X (or DC5 or DC4…), please take a minute to share your thoughts about it on G2Crowd. This platform compares the offers of different suppliers and thus helps people with finding the right software.

27Apr 2015

Release 1.26 of the Digital Asset Management system DC-X opens up new possibilities to manage pictures and documents belonging to a story. They can now be arranged within so called MediaGroups or ImageGroups in the case of pictures. In future versions, MediaGroups will also be available for video files, galleries and other content types. The […]

05Mar 2015
DC-X 1.24

Upload Requests and a new folder system enhance the workflow in the latest version of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X. An editor who is on the hunt for a particular picture doesn’t even need to pick up his phone anymore. He simply creates an Upload Request in the DC-X Content Hub in just a […]

06Feb 2015
Mobile Web Client

Recognize the hottest topics at first sight, do a quick research in the archives, create a story in less than no time, upload an image and share it with others: all this is getting even easier thanks to the simplified User Interface of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X. The creation of the Simple UI […]

10Dec 2014
DC_Rights Management1

Am I allowed to use this picture? If so, where, in what size, and for how much money? In order to quickly provide editors and other users of image databases with this kind of information, the Hamburg based software vendor Digital Collections has been working on Rights Management functionality in its Digital Asset Management System […]