Content-X at Norway’s largest magazine publisher

More than 50 Scandinavian magazines and weekly newspapers, together with their digital content, will be produced with the editorial system jointly developed by ppi Media and Digital Collections.

Produktbilde mars 2016 u_ELLEThe final decision was taken at the end of September: The Oslo-based media company Egmont Publishing Norway, which is part of the Danish Egmont Group and the largest publisher of magazines and weeklies in Norway, will change its print and digital production to the editorial solution Content-X by ppi Media and Digital Collections.

The decisive factor for the publisher’s choice was the professional Digital Asset Management (DAM) combined with the fact that content can be entered in a media-neutral format in Content-X. The template-based workflow allows the publisher to automate their production process for print products. As a whole, Content-X contributes to Egmont’s wish to change its processes to a media-neutral omnichannel workflow.

Egmont Publishing Norway works with an extensive range of content providers and Content-X enables both journalists, photographers and editors to submit and edit content from any given location. A web browser and an internet connection are all that is needed. The system contains a sophisticated task management. This makes it possible to assign stories to external journalists or order images from photographers via an upload request.

Extensive pilot phase

Following on from some demos and workshops, Content-X was one of three candidates considered by the company until an extensive test phase started in February 2018. Its aim was to almost fully implement the solution and to produce an actual magazine. The pilot phase was successfully implemented in May and June 2018 by ppi Media, Digital Collections and BrandMaster (Scandinavian distributor of DC-X), who worked in close collaboration with Egmont Publishing Norway. The weekly magazine called “Vi Menn” was produced during this phase. Tests were also carried out during this phase to make sure that content produced with Content-X can also be made available to other Egmont companies in Sweden and Denmark without problems.

Content-X sets the gold standard

In their search for a new publishing solution, Egmont Publishing Norway had se t itself the ambitious goal of achieving a self-defined “gold standard” – meaning the ideal system for content management and production. What emerged from the successful pilot phase was that the Content-X-system could provide the technology needed for being able to work towards the strategic goal of managing content in the best possible way:

Axel-Walo-portrett“We had started defining our business needs regarding omnichannel content management as well as efficient print production by the beginning of 2017. Content-X was the contender that we felt best met our requirements.

After working on a pilot project together, we learned that ppi Media, Digital Collections, and BrandMaster are partners that listen to our business needs and provide constructive suggestions.

We believe that Content-X is a flexible system that allows for customization and scalability to support our needs and makes us fit to meet future challenges in our part of the media industry”, says Mr. Axel Walø, Publishing Director at Egmont Publishing Norway.

Text: ppi Media and Digital Collections, October 2018