To the cloud with 75 million assets

FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE, one of Germany’s largest newspaper and magazine publishers, centralizes its digital assets in a cloud based Content Hub that will be accessed from all editorial departments. The Hamburg headquartered software producer Digital Collections orchestrates the project employing Microsoft Azure Cloud technology.

While updating and standardizing the editorial systems for the newspaper sites in Hamburg, Berlin, Brunswick, Erfurt and Essen as well as all the associated external departments, FUNKE introduces a central system to manage its digital assets. The media house’s entire digital content – text, pictures, graphics, videos etc. – are migrated from previously on premises archiving systems into the DC-X Content Hub and at the same time consolidated to a number of approximately 75 million.

As a central content transfer point, the DC-X Content Hub is fully integrated with the editorial workflow. New assets arrive here, are managed and kept ready for use by third-party systems, primarily the multichannel editorial system EidosMedia Méthode.

A fast search function and features such as workflow and rights management facilitate the interdepartmental content handling. Thanks to the established interface, data is easily exchanged via Drag&Drop between DC-X and EidosMedia Méthode. Online stories and photo series can be created directly in DC-X and then handed over to Escenic, the web publishing and content management solution.

Michael-Kurowski_Funke„DC-X as a central Hub for all our content, together with the modern concept of a SaaS platform, perfectly fits the strategy of FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE”, says CIO Michael Kurowski. “Like this, we reach the highest usibility of our own content für the whole company based on optimally scalable systems.”


As the DC-X Content Hub at FUNKE is deployed as SaaS (Software as a Service), the system is entirely operated by Digital Collections permitting the customer to save time and costs for internal IT services. For the implementation, Digital Collections worked hand in hand with Microsoft Germany and the IT consulting agency Bright Skies, who specialize in cloud architecture.

The Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure offers the Content Hub system the services necessary to ensure a highly available, scalable and redundant environment. A dedicated information highway, the Azure ExpressRoute, enables a streamlined connection to the cloud.

In order to guarantee the highest data security, the system is located within the data centres of the Microsoft Germany Cloud and is subject to German data protection laws. T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, acts as a so-called data trustee.

The cloud based Content Hub is scalable so it can bear load peaks at all times and meet the rising requirements. Servers can be scaled both vertically, by adapting CPU and RAM of a single server, and horizontally, by adding other servers. This way, the system can be dynamically adapted to the respective load situation.

Ole-Olsen_zitatThe system at FUNKE will be the largest cloud based DC system so far. “The project is of great strategic importance for us and means an entry into a completely new area”, says Ole Olsen, Digital Collection’s CEO. “We are confident that many other customers will follow us on this path.”

The DC-X Content Hub went live in the FUNKE departments in Lower Saxony (Brunswick and surroundings) in April. The sites in Hamburg, Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia followed in May. Go Live in Thuringia is planned for July 2018.

Text: Nina Drewes, Digital Collections. June 2018