DC5 as a PR tool

Das ORF-Zentrum Küniglberg in Wien. Foto: ORF/Thomas Ramstorfer

Das ORF-Zentrum Küniglberg in Wien. Foto: ORF/Thomas Ramstorfer

The ORF (Austrian broadcast corporation) has been using DC products since 1997 to manage incoming pictures and to organize its press picture archive. In 2008, DC4 was replaced by DC5 that the ORF now uses to run the entire picture workflow. When switching to the newer system generation, the picture and text offers were merged in a newly organized and designed press portal. Via the website presse.ORF.at, technically realized by DC, more than 4000 journalists from Austria and Germany can now get detailed information about the ORF’s programme and about the company itself.

In the course of the relaunch of presse.ORF.at, DC5 has been individually adapted to the specific technical and editorial workflows and has since then been directly linked via an interface to the ORF’s programme planning systems that deliver TV and radio programme data every day. This data is constantly, partly automatically, partly by members of the ORF PR team, linked to programme descriptions, channels and picture data and exported to the ORF press portal and the APA (Austrian Press Agency) via DC5.

Auf dem mit DC5 erstellten und verwalteten Online-Portal stellt der ORF detaillierte Programminformationen, Bildmaterial und Sendungs-Previews für Journalisten zur Verfügung.

The ORF provides external journalists with information about its programme, with picture material and previews using a DC5 based web portal.

The offer is rounded off by a daily renewed homepage that is sent as a newsletter to all registered users, as well as extensive collections about programme focusses, highlights and current company announcings.

In addition to the press portal, the ORF uses an internal DC system to manage not only its own photo production and its picture archive but also all PR pictures made available for marketing purposes by licensers, production companies and cooperation partners.


In order to communicate with journalists, media companies and partners as well as to do internal research, DC products have become essential tools for the daily PR work.

Alexandra Wittenberg - Production director of the TV press office at ORF (Austrian Broadcast Corporation)

The youngest innovation on presse.ORF.at is the broadcast preview offer: ORF programmes in the planning stage – especially the ORF’s own as well as coproductions – can be previewed by users in the form of live streams.

Text: ORF, March 2015. Translation: DC