DC-X Content Hub Digital Asset Management & Multichannel Publishing

Manage pictures, text, videos and pages in a central content pool. DC-X integrates news monitoring, search, archiving, rights and workflow management as well as content creation intelligently in one system – for online, print and mobile devices.
  • Digital Asset Management

    Manage your digital content with DC-X. Upload text, pictures and other documents, organize them in channels and folders and monitor incoming external content such as RSS feeds and agency wires.

  • Rights Management

    Assign rights profiles and contracts to your documents when importing them. The profiles are shown to all users and can be selectively overridden, for example in order to block a document.

  • Multichannel Publishing

    Use the Story Editor to create media neutral content for all channels, no matter if it’s a website, app or social media page. Print publishing is the speciality of Content-X, the common editorial solution by Digital Collections and ppi Media.

  • Semantic Search

    An extremely quick and simple search function, made possible by automatic Tagging (via the Semantic Engine) and Related Content analysis. It’s never beem easier to monitor and find the right content.

  • Content Sharing

    DC-X connects all employees of your department and/or your company. Hundreds of concurrent users can work together and share content – even if they are spread over different sites.

  • Workflow Management

    Manage complex workflows via the Task manager and integrated Topic scheduling. Create topics and assign related tasks. External contributors can be easily integrated into the workflow using Clearings
    and Upload Requests.

DC-X as a central Hub for all our content, together with the modern concept of a SaaS platform, perfectly fits the strategy of FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE. We reach the highest usibility of our own content für the whole company based on optimally scalable systems.

Michael Kurowski - CIO, FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE Read the User Story


Content-X is the common Editorial solution by Digital Collections and ppi Media. The plug-ins developed by ppi Media link the Digital Asset Management System DC-X to the Adobe InDesign desktop publishing application.

Whether you prefer 'Text before Layout', 'Layout before Text' or 'Text and Layout': Content-X is here to help you. Layout geometry for an article can be created in DC-X using InDesign so that editors can fill it with content. Conversely, the entire article can be originally created in InDesign and then written to DC-X for use in other channels or systems. Learn more


I am very satisfied with Content-X. We at Nordkurier find the system very easy to operate, easy to understand, fast and efficient.

Marica Verjaal - Nordkurier Mediengruppe Read the User Story

100% web based

DC Systems can be run on all common web browsers as well as on tablets and smartphones.


Hundreds of third party systems, such as editorial systems and CMS of other suppliers,
have already been integrated using our API.

Highly scalable

DC systems are available in all sizes – whether you would like to manage 4000
or 40 million assets.


We adapt our systems to your individual needs – no matter if you are in the
news industry, in corporate communications or if you work for a Public institution.


One of the big advantages of DC-X is that it is extremely easy to connect to other systems using standard technologies.

Marco di Bernardo - Head of Innovation & Platforms, RINGIER AG Read the User Story

Semantic Engine Services Make the most of your content!

The Semantic Engine recognizes topics, persons, organizations, events and geographic landmarks. Complex heuristic, statistical, linguistic and semantic procedures analyse the essentiel characteristics of your text and automatically assign the relevant thesaurus terms and keywords.
  • Classification

    We developed a statistical approach that allows us to classify your textual content within a glimpse. The added value makes your content easier to search for and enhances the browsability.

  • Named Entity Recognition

    We offer lists of persons, organizations, cities and countries in various languages that you can use to tag your content right away. You can also create and maintain your own lists in order to adapt the service to your specific environment.