Our customers

DC's Content Management and Content Production systems are being used by more than 180 customers all over the world. Media & Publishing, Corporate Communications, Public authorities – DC offers a fitting solution for all industries. To see how our customers use our products, take a look at the User stories.

Our partners

By collaborating with select, renowned partners, we have successfully built up a global network of distributors. Our partners have great technical expertise and excellent market knowledge. Thus we can offer optimal support to our customers everywhere and at all times.


  • Media & Publishing

    DC-X along with the DC Publishing Suite offers the perfect basis for an optimal workflow within publishing houses and all kinds of news media. Content-X is a smart all-in-one editorial solution.

  • Public Authorities

    Modern administrative bodies face constantly growing needs: individualized newsletters and info services, management and structuring of information.

  • Corporate Communications

    DC-X can be used as a central Content repository for internal and external company communication. Access to any type of content is quick, easy and guaranteed from anywhere in the world.

User stories

  • Product Information Management with DC-X

    DC-X goes PIM: In September 2015, the internationally operating distributor and retailer Gebr. Heinemann started using Digital Collections' Digital Asset Management System DC-X for image workflow and product information management.

  • Mit 75 Mio. Assets in die Cloud

    Die FUNKE Mediengruppe zentralisiert ihre digitalen Inhalte in einem cloudbasierten Content Hub, auf den künftig alle Redaktionen zugreifen werden. Das Projekt begleitet der Hamburger Softwarehersteller Digital Collections. Als Infrastruktur kommt die Microsoft Azure Cloud zum Einsatz.

  • Local News From Everywhere

    The Simple UI, DC-X's newly developed, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface, enables Nordkurier journalists to report more flexibly in a more mobile and advanced manner.

  • DC5 as a PR tool

    The ORF (Austrian broadcast corporation) has been using DC products since 1997 to manage incoming pictures and to organize its press picture archive.

  • Heading towards a media-neutral workflow

    DC-X was first set up at the OZ and the Lübecker Nachrichten in 2010 as an archiving solution for articles, pages and pictures and to manage incoming newswires, emails etc. Functions such as the import of reader photos, the archiving of audio and video files and eventually the Story Editor for digital publishing have arrived little by little.

  • One for all: DC-X as the central media database at Ringier

    The Digital Asset Management (DAM) system DC-X has become the heart of the software landscape at the Ringier media group in Switzerland. It is the central software used to create content in a media-neutral way before making it available for online, print and mobile publishing.

  • Editorial workflow for all media channels

    “By using Content-X as an editorial solution, we see ourselves as a successful benchmark for other small publishing companies who are cost-conscious and do not need an editorial system that has endless functions, is difficult to operate and needs high investment. We can definitely fully recommend Content-X.”

  • Agiler Umstieg auf Content-X

    Die Bremer Tageszeitungen AG produziert seit Ende Juni 2016 den Weser-Kurier sowie seine Kopf- und Regionalausgaben auf Content-X von PPI Media und Digital Collections.