Mobile Web Client

Recognize the hottest topics at first sight, do a quick research in the archives, create a story in less than no time, upload an image and share it with others: all this is getting even easier thanks to the simplified User Interface of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X.

The creation of the Simple UI has its origins in a personal story. Developer Tim Strehle wanted to use DC-X in a private way to manage family photographs and share them with his relatives. It soon became clear to him that the many functions and possibilities of the standard interface were too much for his mother-in-law. They needed a more intuitive interface – the idea for the “Mother-in-law-interface” was born.

Two years ago, the idea was first applied in a joint project with DC’s Norwegian distributor Teknograd. The experiences gained within this context helped to program the latest version that our developers have been working on over the past months.

Specific customer requests also helped us to hit the target. A newspaper was looking for a tablet version of the editorial system Content-X for its trainees to work with; Customers outside the publishing industry needed a research tool to browse visuals in a simple way.

“The focus lies on remote research, story creating and a collaborative workflow”, said Jörg Naß, Head of Development at Digital Collections. It is even possible to integrate people without a DC-X account into the workflow – by mailing them an upload request.

The Simple UI is the simplified User Interface for DC-X. As an alternative to the standard User Interface, it is optimized for web browsers on mobile devices (tablet, smartphones) and 100% responsive. Almost all features of the standard UI are covered, with a special focus on research, story creation an collaborative workflow. Thanks to the ergonomic design and the intuitive handling, the Simple UI is easily accessible to casual users.