The Constance based daily newspaper SÜDKURIER has launched a new website fueled by DC-X. All self-generated editorial content on www.suedkurier.de comes from Digital Collections’ Digital Asset Management System and is created with the DC Story Editor. Media slots that are directly integrated into the body text make story telling with pictures and videos very easy for the editors. Link boxes are also created using media slots.

“Our editors are now able to create a perfect online article directly in the DC Story Editor. Thanks to the media slots, they can choose themselves where to integrate pictures, videos or link boxes. It is no longer necessary to retouch anything in the Web CMS. And with the article preview in the DC Story Editor, the editor even sees the result straight away”, explains Günter Ackermann, Vice Editor-in-Chief at SÜDKURIER Medienhaus.

DC-X has been deployed at the SÜDKURIER for more than two years. The new website went live on June 19th. The project was led by DC’s partner company ppi Media.