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Digital Asset Management systems are not much fun on their own – their real value is in helping data flow between all content-related systems with ease. Many of our customers are using our DC-X DAM product as the central content hub, in conjunction with Web Content Management systems, editorial systems, mobile apps, accounting systems and others. To […]

My brother, an ambitious hobby photographer, asked me to set up a website for him showcasing his photography. He had already bought XML Photography Template, a Flash app configured through (usually static) XML files. (No, I’m not a friend of Flash-only websites, I hope we can fix this later…) Photos are best handled by our […]

DC-X offers a comprehensive web service API which is based on the Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC 5023) and OpenSearch 1.1 standards – basically XML over HTTP. This means two things: Skipping the browser user interface, you can read and search for DC-X documents (and other information) in any RSS reader (including the RSS readers integrated […]