The Australian media company Fairfax Media (publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, etc.) has moved to the cloud, taking its whole DC-X environment with it. This long-time customer of DC is now using Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a hosting environment: the same environment we have been using since late last year for our demo system. A major reason for this decision was the move away from local hard drive storage and towards the cloud-based AWS Simple Storage Service (S3). This flexible storage solution convinces by charging only for space that is actually used. Overall, the AWS environment has proven to be very stable and high-performing.

Fairfax’ move to the cloud happened as part of their switch from DC5 to DC-X; it was supported by the numerous Amazon-specific features built into DC-X by the DC project team. Since S3 provides object-based storage, file handling had to be adjusted accordingly. Features such as file download and file delivery via email, which previously relied on links pointing to a drive, were rebuilt to implement an API that temporarily stores files and returns corresponding paths.

At Fairfax, DC-X (previously DC5) is used primarily as an archiving solution, but also as a content hub relaying archived data to third party systems. Based on the number of files, it is one of the largest DC installations worldwide. To ensure data security, the web-based access is protected by the network service CloudFront.

Why not move your DC system to the cloud too? We will be happy to discuss the details with you – simply drop us an email!

Nina Drewes
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Nina was Digital Collections' PR Manager from 2014 to 2019.