1. Highly scalable

    DC systems are available in all sizes – whether you would like to manage 4000 or 40 million documents.

  2. Collaborative Workflows

    Hundreds of concurrent users work together via one system, allowing external contributors to participate.

  3. 100% web based

    DC Systems can be run on all common web browsers as well as on tablets and smartphones. Remote working is no problem.

  4. Immediately ready for use

    A standard installation can be realized within a few days. Our solutions are also available as Software as a Service (SaaS).

  5. Customized solutions

    We adapt our systems to your individual needs – no matter if you come from the news industry, if you are a company looking for a corporate communications system or if you work for a Public institution.

  6. Open for Best-of-Breed

    With our APIs, it is easy to integrate editorial and content management systems of other suppliers.


Media & Publishing

Public Institutions

Corporate Communications