Release 1.26 of the Digital Asset Management system DC-X opens up new possibilities to manage pictures and documents belonging to a story. They can now be arranged within so called MediaGroups or ImageGroups in the case of pictures. In future versions, MediaGroups will also be available for video files, galleries and other content types.

The following example shows the use of ImageGroups within a magazine story, but of course they can also be used for online publishing!

  • Create the article layout in InDesign as usual.
  • ImageGroups consist of a picture frame and the corresponding text frames for caption and credit.
  • Open the story in DC-X and click the 'Pictures' Tab
  • Each ImageGroup created in the layout corresponds to an ImageGroup in DC-X.
  • You can now edit the fields and add pictures using different methods.
  • When choosing pictures in DC-X, you can directly add them to one specific ImageGroup via Drag & Drop.
  • You can add as many 'candidates' to the ImageGroup as you want. The one marked as favorite (star) will be used in the layout.
  • Choose a variant, insert the file's metadata into the text fields or remove images from the group
  • Images can easily be moved or copied from one ImageGroup to another via Drag&Drop
  • When you need more picture frames in your story, just add a new ImageGroup in DC-X. It will be visible in InDesign and can be placed into the layout
  • While one person is working on the text, others can continue adding images to the story.
  • Other files such as videos can be added to the 'Other documents' tab... VideoGroups and Galleries are coming soon!