The most important change introduced by Release 1.29 of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X concerns the Galleries. This new feature allows the online pubilcation of a series of pictures with different captions. As opposed to ImageGroups that facilitate the selection of one picture for a story, galleries are explicitly designed to publish several pictures at the same time. And this is how you do it:

  • Create an online story and click the 'Pictures' tab.
  • Create a new gallery
  • Select the pictures you want to use in DC-X and drag them into the gallery.
  • Go back to your story. You can now see an overview of the pictures you just added.
  • Add a headline and a description for the gallery.
  • Change the order of the pictures via Drag & Drop.
  • Enter the caption for the selected photo.
  • Click the 'change view' button to get a larger view of the image.
  • The editing functions remain the same.
  • Click the 'i' button...
  • ...and the image's metadata are displayed.
  • With one mouse click, you can copy the caption and credit from the picture's metadata to the corresponding gallery text fields.

The functioning of the ImageGroups doesn’t change, but there have been some adjustments to the layout:


1) The selected picture (favorite) is now placed above the caption and not next to it. It is not displayed in the list of alternative image candidates anymore.

2) The actions to use the caption and credit and to change the variant are now displayed under the selected image with their text description and not as small icons.

3) The actions for upload, upload request etc. are now displayed under the caption and credit and not as small icons on the right side.

4) The name of the ImageGroup can be changed by clicking the ‘pencil’ button.

5) Images from the candidate list can be dragged and dropped onto the picture field on top – this way, they are automatically selected/marked as favorite.