Somehow, DAM systems are like dogs: Their age is calculated differently than the one of human beings. And that’s why, eight years after being born, our Digital Asset Management software DC-X turns…two!

With this release, we are introducing a new versioning scheme so that our customers, partners and project managers get a quicker overview. Significant changes or the fact that single functions aren’t backward compatible will increase the first number. The second number corresponds to new functions and the third one continues to be used for patch releases.

For DC-X 2.0(.0), we have optimized the entire code which has considerably increased the system’s performance. Import and search speed have been increased, especially when it comes to systems with many task and/or story configurations. Above all, result listings in story channels are put up a lot faster.

In the backend, improved solr schema efficiency saves up to 30 percent in index size on the disk. The database throughput for a big number of parallel workflow processes has been optimized and scales better in relation to the number of processes.

The JSON API has made some progress as well. Files can now be uploaded via Upload Request using the JSON API and we added an optional streaming output of documents or other object listings in the SSE (Server-Sent Events) format. This way, the first search results can already be processed while the rest is still loading.

Users of the DC Publishing Suite will be glad to hear that images and image containers can now be sorted manually via Drag and Drop. Pictures can be cropped directly in the Story Editor and a new “Quick Search bar” on the right hand side enables you to search in channels without leaving the editor.

Last but not least, collections can now be shared including their child collections and document metadata can be edited directly after upload.