Heinemann Duty Free Shop at Hamburg Airport

Crazy Lazy Summer – With this slogan and a refreshingly colorful design, the internationally operating distributor and retailer Gebr. Heinemann is creating holiday and pool party feelings in its duty free shops and on the Internet in summer 2018. Since the end of June, the company is creating all advertising and communication material for such campaigns utilizing the DC Story Editor.
No matter if the final product is a billboard, stand-up display or banner, regardless if it’s print or digital: with the Story Editor, which is also deployed by a large number of DC customers in the publishing industry, Gebr. Heinemann’s staff are now able to create content in a media neutral way and work in a cross-department manner. The Story Editor is a feature of the Digital Asset Management System DC-X that Gebr. Heinemann has been using for many years in the context of their Product Information Management.
Together with Digital Collections, Gebr. Heinemann has deployed a complex workflow for the creation of their communication material. In general, the production process begins with a briefing, then the text is created in form of stories in the DC system and enriched with visuals by the Design department. Stories are translated as variants into up to seven languages and adapted to the context of the respective countries and shops.
Due to the breakdown into different story types coupled with a total of 54 different status configurations, the workflows and their progress are always transparent and easy to understand for everyone. Tedious and confusing e-mail communication is eliminated and external contributors such as translation agencies are smoothly integrated into the workflow.