Every year at “Girls’Day”, German schoolgirls get the chance to try out professions normally practiced by boys, or rather men. The IT sector is a good example, as DC’s staff structure clearly illustrates: Only two out of our 19 employees are women and none of them works in the Development or Support department.

That didn’t keep 13 year old Maria from paying us a visit. Accompanied by DC project manager Thomas Ammermann, she spent one day in our office and wrote an article about her experience:

Getting to know IT projects and Digital Asset Management

I spent this year’s Girls’Day at DC. Let’s see if this could be a job for me…

By Maria Schröder

In the morning, Thomas and I went to the office by bike. We first said hello to everyone, then Thomas showed me DC’s Digital Asset Management system and I tried out some things using it. Later, we had lunch and then played foosball. After that, I participated in a meeting which was real cool even though I didn’t understand anything. Thanks to the images projected to the wall, I could see what they were talking about. But at some point, it got to boring so we left the room. I learned some things about XML and how to apply it. Then, Thomas had to go to another meeting where I understood everything, but it was really boring.

I enjoyed the day and the foosball game above all. :()