DC_Rights Management1

Am I allowed to use this picture? If so, where, in what size, and for how much money? In order to quickly provide editors and other users of image databases with this kind of information, the Hamburg based software vendor Digital Collections has been working on Rights Management functionality in its Digital Asset Management System (DC-X Content Hub) for several years.

At the end of October, DC software engineer and metadata expert Tim Strehle gave a presentation about the topic at the IPTC Autumn Meeting in Frankfurt in front of an audience coming from news agencies, editorial departments and other software companies.

“This meeting taught me that we have a lot to offer in terms of Rights Management”, Tim Strehle said. “The Rights Management System of the DC-X Content Hub allows you to automatically assign rights profiles to documents during import. When needed, you can selectively override these rights, for example in order to block a document. The DC rights engine is already used by a lot of our customers. In a future version, we might also import rights metadata in the standardized RightsML format.”

The use of machine readable rights can help customers save time and money. They are able to tell at the first glance which digital assets they may use, where and how, without having to read the editor’s notes. They can select the cheapest assets or reuse the ones they already purchased. The rights engine also prevents users from buying the same asset twice.