10,000 pictures in 300 seconds – this is the new DC-X performance record in terms of importation speed. We have tested five servers at a customers site, each of them having to work off 2,000 pictures. The fastest server had finished its task after 3:28 minutes, the slowest after 4:44 minutes.

DC-Projektleiter Thomas Ammermann und DC-Entwickler André Widhani

DC Project manager Thomas Ammermann and DC Developer André Widhani

When importing documents into the Digital Asset Management System DC-X, the system has to extract metadata and calculate thumbnails. In order to accelerate this, DC software developer André Widhani carried out a range of optimization mesures: „Some processes that normally take place one after the other have been parallelized. This way, it is easier to scale a software based on a system with a particularly high number of CPU cores.”

Image importation speed is a crucial part of the workflow in the Hamburg based media company. The day of the Oscar ceremony, for example, about 500,000 agency pictures need to get into the system within a few hours.